Welcome to KEEPER SHOT

Pictures with a Purpose!

We live by the "Starfish Story"!

One day a little boy was walking along a beach after a terrible storm that washed up thousands of starfish. The boy picks up one of the starfish and throws it back into the ocean when someone on the beach admonishes him and tells him "you can't make a difference, you can't save them all". The little boy picks up another starfish, throws it back into the water and says "I made a difference to THAT ONE! At "Keepershot" we want to make a difference one shot at a time!



We really aren't. KEEPERSHOT is a unique forum that allows people who capture great photos & videos to make their work available in exchange for a donation to a worthy local or national non-profit organization. Our goal isn't to make money but rather to raise money for worthy non-profit organizations! From every day folks being in the right place at the right time to capture a "KEEPER SHOT", to professional photographers displaying some of their stunning photos, we'll have them all for you!

Our photographers are always looking for photo opportunities that focus (no pun intended!) not only on the beauty in the world but on events and occasions we think people might like to memorialize. Whether it's a surfer catching an epic wave, an amazing wildlife shot, or a once in a lifetime wedding proposal, we're out catching the shots for YOU and sometimes...OF YOU! We even have photographers from outside the U.S. (including Australia, South Africa & Canada) and are continually recruiting new photographers so you never know who or what you might find here! We'll not only have beautiful photos, but we'll also have special "artistic" filter shots, drone shots, and even one-of-a-kind drone videos! All of our photos are available for downloading or printing in sizes ranging from 4x6 all the way up to 16x20! You can also have your photo mounted, printed on canvas, or even use it to create beautiful holiday cards...all of which would make awesome gifts!

100% of ALL PROCEEDS will be donated to support non-profits close to our hearts...many of which we know YOU support as well! While photographers who share their work will be offered a 50% "commission" many have pledged to DONATE their "commissions" back to "KEEPERSHOT" to help raise even more money! Photos will be available for download for only $10 per photo (print prices vary depending on size) so in many cases that means every time a photo is downloaded, a $10 donation will be made...which for some of our smaller non-profits (like local youth sports groups etc.) will add up to make a BIG difference!

It's simple, you get awesome KEEPER SHOTS and we all get to help make the world a better place...what could be better than that?


Our goal is to be able to have YOU choose the charity of YOUR choice to support every time you use our site, but right now we unfortunately aren't able to do so. The "coding" necessary to do this is significant (estimated at $5,000-$10,000) and since "KEEPERSHOT" is a labor of love, spending that kind of money just doesn't make sense. We have reached out to our website host to ask if they might be able to create the "coding" needed to allow for this to happen so we'll keep our fingers crossed! So for now we're going to select an organization each month and all proceeds will be donated to that cause. We really want to be able to allow YOU to support the causes closest to YOUR heart (and for us to be able to donate to multiple organizations!) so we'll continue to work on ways to get this accomplished. IF YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO HELP PLEASE LET US KNOW! We're hoping there may be a person or organization (i.e. school group or non-profit) that might have the ability to help us accomplish this in exchange for our including them to be recipients going forward!

We're really excited about launching this unique fundraising site so we hope you'll look through our galleries and find some KEEPER SHOTS you'd like and help us make a difference in the world...one "shot" at a time!