(NOTE: Instructions may vary slightly if using a mobile device such as an ipad or cell phone.)


1. Go to the MAIN GALLERY PAGE where you will find multiple individual galleries to select from.

2. Click on the gallery you're interested in and once you have located a photo or video that you would like, scroll over the "PRINT STORE" tab (located at the top of the page just below the "VIEW GALLERY" box in the lower right hand corner of the large cover photo) and a "DROP DOWN" menu will appear.

3. From the "DROP DOWN" menu select the product type you would like (i.e. "Print, "Digital Download" "Video Download" etc.)

4. For PRINTS select photo size and paper and then click "BUY PHOTO"

For DIGITAL DOWNLOADS select "Single Photo Download" and then click "BUY DOWNLOADS"

For VIDEO DOWNLOADS select "Video Download" and then click "ADD TO CART"

5. Proceed to our secure "CHECK OUT" to finalize your order.

PLEASE NOTE - You will need to fill in all BILLING and SHIPPING information when checking out even if you only order "downloadable" products.

Once your order is complete you will immediately receive a confirmation message (on screen) with your order number. You will also receive a confirmation email with all order details. If you ordered PHOTO PRINTS you will receive them in the mail within 5-10 business days (all orders will be sent to the "shipping address" you provide during checkout). You can have photos shipped to an address other than the billing address if you choose. You will receive an email to confirm that your order has been processed and to advise when you can expect to receive your order. We even provide tracking numbers!

If you ordered DIGITAL PHOTO DOWNLOADS you will receive a separate email with a link to download your photos.

If you ordered VIDEO DOWNLOADS you will receive a separate email to confirm your video order. You will receive a PIN# (via email) that will allow you to download the video you have selected. Once you have received your PIN # you will be able to go back to the video you wanted in the gallery and just click on "download" and enter the PIN you have been provided. Please note: PINS are good for ONE TIME only and will change after each download. PIN #'s are computer generated and will be deleted once used.



We sampled several photo labs before selecting the lab we will be using to print our photos and are so glad we did! The lab we have selected is a professional wedding lab which does stunning work! You'll LOVE the quality...we promise! All photos will be printed on top-quality, archive professional grade, light-sensitive paper and will be available in (2) styles:

LUSTRE - A semi-gloss paper with vibrant colors, sharp details, and excellent skin tones. Surface appears and feels smooth with soft texture that helps reduce fingerprint marks. Provides a matte finish and layer of protection to a print’s surface. Available in sizes 11×14 and smaller.

GLOSSY - Rich in color and quality, this paper has a very reflective, high-gloss finish with a pearlescent appearance. Provides a bright, bold finished photo.

While we received beautifully printed samples in both styles, we wanted to share that the photos we had printed in "GLOSSY" style were absolutely stunning! They actually looked almost 3-D, as if the subjects were live! We've seen 1,000's of photos in our time but we all agree that we have honestly NEVER seen the quality of these "GLOSSY" photos! While this may not be the desired look for all types of photos (they are very bold and bright) we wanted to be sure to share this information in case you aren't the typically "glossy" type photo person. We truly believe you will be THRILLED with the quality of these photos and highly recommend them, especially for action shots, sports, outdoors, and any photo where you'd like the subject to "pop" off the page! If you tend to favor the more "traditional" lustre style prints, you won't be disappointed in these either. They were equally as beautiful but just not as "surprising" as the glossy photos were! You know what...maybe order in both styles and then YOU can be the judge! We'd love to hear what you think. Please feel free to leave us a review!

In addition to standard print size photos we also offer beautiful large format prints (similar to posters) as well as mounted prints - both of which would make absolutely beautiful gifts! You can even use photos to create beautiful CARDS which come in a variety of styles and options!


You may notice that the cost to download a photo from "KEEPERSHOT" is $10 while ordering a hard copy print is only $5 per photo. We thought it was important to let you know that we made the decision to offer prints at 1/2 the cost of downloads because prints will need to be shipped and unfortunately shipping costs are not determined by us and are out of our control. We recognize that these costs continue to go up (no matter what shipping method you select) and we wanted to make photos affordable for everyone! We didn't create "KEEPERSHOT" to make money but rather to raise money while also providing you with awesome KEEPER SHOTS so we thought this was the right thing to do!