We've all had things happen over the course of our lives which changed the future. For me, it was losing my beautiful mom when she was only 46 and I was just 18. Her loss would change the future in ways I never could have imagined.

My mother was one of the most selfless, caring, and giving people you could ever meet. I was blessed to have such an amazing mother and from the moment she left this earth, I pledged that I would do all I could to honor her memory and make the world a better place like she did every day.


I've been involved with various non-profits and charities over the course of my life and I'm always looking for ways to help. I've loved taking pictures since I took my first photography class in high school over 40 years ago and have been working on improving my skills ever since. Over the years I've also invested in some of the best cameras and drones available to allow me to capture the kind of shots where people often ask "can I get a copy of that?" After years of sharing photos & videos it finally dawned on me....what if I could share them AND help people at the same time? Then I thought, heck, what if there were people from ALL AROUND THE WORLD who did the same thing? And that was it..."KEEPER SHOT" was born!


Keeper Shot will not only help support some of the non-profit organizations that have touched my life over the years, but many other worthy local and national organizations, all of which will help make the world a better place...just like my mom did!

I'm excited to create a forum that will not only provide people with KEEPER SHOTS that they'll love but shots that will help make a difference every time they're downloaded.

I thank you for your support!

Lisa DiBello (aka "Lala")

Charlestown, Rhode Island