Whether you're a professional or amateur, you can share your KEEPER SHOTS and not only help some very worthwhile causes, but earn some money for yourself too!

Photographers will receive 50% from all fees generated from the sale of their photos. The remaining 50% will be DONATED to one of our worthy non-profits to help support them in their mission. Our photographers are, of course, welcome to forego their commissions so that 100% of all fees can be donated. We'd also be happy to talk about including YOUR favorite non-profits as benefactors in lieu of commissions being paid...but the choice is totally yours!

Whether you use your cell phone or camera to capture a "once in a lifetime" marriage proposal, a beautiful bald eagle taking flight or a stunning nature shot, we'd love to share them so others can enjoy them!

So why not share your passion with others and help make the world a better place along the way? We currently have photographers from all around the world including Australia, Canada, South Africa and throughout the US and we'd love to include YOU!

If you would be interested in becoming one of our photographers, please send us an email and we'll be in touch!